The Transparent Build

How do enterprises, institutions, and organizations in general, need to develop systems towards open data and explainable artificial intelligence

I've been commenting and talking about the need for systems, in particular web platforms and apps, to have the functionality of consultation, fiscalization, and testing all in a real-time and live environment, where any citizen can view the code running on those systems. The main argument behind my comments, and posts, concerns the safety of workers behind such systems and also security, in terms of bug identification and correction towards active maintenance of code in applications, against malicious criminals disguised as hackers.

For those hard to believe and trust on such systems running on enterprises, institutions, and organizations in general, should also be made available, for the public in general, frequent visits to the facilities where those systems run. The hardware. To view, test, and fiscalize on-site code running.

The procedure is simple, on the organization’s webpage, should be made available an inscription form as well as a waiting list, publicly accessible to anyone. It must as well contain the list of citizens scheduled to visit for the day.

Finally, the organization must advertise regularly and promote such activities and visits to facilities using social media. Host hackathons and promote activities mentioned above, with prizes for those who can demonstrate and improve the systems not only in terms of security and safety but also in terms of ease of access and code optimization.

This is what I consider the minimum requirements for open data technologies, such as open artificial intelligence, and the well know requirements of explainability and trustworthiness in artificial intelligence on automated or semi-automated decision making.

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