How to learn the language writing requirements for a specific Journal before submitting a paper for reviewing

Recently I received this comment from an Elsevier editor "The manuscript does not reach the required quality standard of this journal.". Since then have been found some answers but also raise additional questions. Like the one I making here. (You can browse the initial question following this link here.)

One of the criteria for acceptance of a paper is the one of written language throughout the text. Many times is found great published articles on more peripherical journals simply because the article does not comply strictly with the language minimum requirements for any other more reputable* Journals. Spite all the work is properly done, explained, and demonstrated both graphically and mathematically.

In my particular case, my written English inherits some of my native language (PT) sentence constructs, which may be confusing to those with native English (UK and US) writing skills.

That said, and thinking also in terms of open-data and open-source access to all, how can a researcher, in particular a junior (newbie) research, can learn the language requirements for a specific scientific Journal?

You can follow the answers on Academia, StackExchange by clicking on the link below:

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